When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he’s doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911.

Erma Bombeck

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Life Lessons

We all have those life skill conversations we have with our children before the age of five:
*Why we don’t expose ourselves in public.
*Why we should brush our teeth everyday.
*Why socks are put on before shoes.
*”Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.” -The King and I

The other day, my son goofed up one of those talks. The one that starts and ends with: We only pee in the toilet. He totally missed, so I sent him to clean it up with a bunch of paper towels. Mentally noting that I’d have to follow up when he was finished, I started to move a load of clothes from the washer to dryer when I heard it.


The toilet flushed and I knew exactly what my logical child had done. “We put used toilet paper in the toilet, so why not a large urine soiled mass of paper towels??” I round the corner from the entryway into the hallway imagining the worst! Knowing with certainty that I’d have to call my father-in-law (he’s a plumbing contractor) for advice about a helplessly clogged toilet, I reach the bathroom to find my shocked child holding a mass of toilet water soaked paper towels over the tiles.

His face…how I wish I’d had my phone on me…it said it all! The shock, the confusion, the betrayal. It was all there. We had NEVER had the conversation about what was safe to flush down a toilet and our low flow, water saving, California drought approved, 0.5 gallon flush toilets totally couldn’t handle the paper towels. A blessing and a curse.

The first mess was his, the second mess was totally mine. Sorry, son. It probably won’t be the first time I’ll forget to let you in on a little life lesson. Learn by experience right?

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Happy New Year!

Who else was in bed by 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve? This girl sure was. Ain’t got time for that! 😉 Our dogs sure made it certain we were up from midnight to 3 a.m. as they panicked over all the noise outside. It was rainy and windy here too. I’m totally an old curmudgeon because the weather alone would have discouraged me from setting off any fireworks.

new-years-dayDon’t worry though! Jude made sure to have me up early New Year’s Day even though I had wanted to sleep in a bit.

So, blog goals for 2017:
*Figure out how to easily cross post my photos from Instagram to WordPress. Mine always seem to glitch.
*Get this blog up and running again — more expansive Instagram posts are my plans. For example: Pinterest Projects and the HOW not just the end result.
*More parenting posts as well. The thing with these is I need to be in the mood to write and that’s not always something I’m up to. Brain fog with Crohn’s Disease is a thing I can’t always write around.

I hope this new theme works out too. I felt it was a good fit with my “Scrapbooking” of odds and ends here. I hope you’re all having a great start to your New Year and if you’re not, remember you can ALWAYS start fresh again whenever you want. A calendar doesn’t determine that for you.

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Pretend City

Don’t mess with me, I’m cookin’ here.

So….clear back in March, my lil’ family migrated down to Irvine one Wednesday to check out Pretend City. The journey there was a bit harrowing as I can’t figure out how in the heck to tell my GPS to ignore toll roads. We ended up stopping at a Costco for lunch and ate like kings for cheap before contacting my sister-in-law (who now lives in Orange County) on how in the world to navigate around the area.

Bless her, because we finally figured out how to get to the location!

Tucked in an unassuming industrial park, Pretend City is a haven for children. Kids can take their time card to various locations throughout the building, get it stamped and then go to one of their ATMs and get “money” for their work. The money does nothing else than give an extra element of realism, so if you have real little youngsters, they’re in no way going to miss out on any of the fun to be had.

The buildings included a grocery store, gas station, cafe, post office, farm, health center and emergency services. Jude’s favorite by far was the cafe — in fact, this was the hot spot for most of the children. Where else can you rope your parents into being served a myriad of plastic food in a somewhat realistic setting? By the way, parents, you’re encouraged by Pretend City to leave your cell phone in your pocket and engage with your child(ren). 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jude also loved the science aspect of this water exhibit. Children were encouraged to build foam boats and put them through the current. Areas allowed for you to use barriers to redirect the current or use wind to explore the use of sails on water. Jude loved this hole in the center of the water table where you could stand and interact with items as they drifted by. Of course, there was also a fishing area where you could use “fishing rods” and nets.

The other great thing about Pretend City was the library. The bibliophile in me completely nerded out going through the selection of books and I was able to show Jude a book written in braille — which was also the first time I was able to see one myself. (Can you tell we live in a “small” town?)

The only downside to this trip was the drive! We live in the high desert, so it’s a 90 minute drive on a GOOD day and a 3 hour drive on a bad day. Since Pretend City closes at 5 and we didn’t even get there until around 12:30pm or so, we were stuck in the 3 hours of rush hour traffic to get home. My solution to this is Disney or Knott’s Berry Farm passes so we can tour around a park waiting for rush hour to, uh, rush on by, but we haven’t quite accomplished that yet. LOL. One day.

*Beware of your GPS’s love of toll roads. It’ll tell you how to get there the fastest, but it won’t quite cooperate to get you around the tolls either. Pretend City is quite literally in the heart of toll road country!
*Get to the doors when they open and leave early if you want to avoid the traffic jam. Memberships are available which also get you in the door an hour earlier the days they are open AND they’re tax deductible because Pretend City is a non profit organization! WOOT!!
*Bring a sack lunch. There’s areas there for you to eat, but only vending machines available for food.

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Salt Dough Fun

wpid-20150509_143410.jpgThe Saturday before Mother’s Day I decided to buy some Morton’s Iodized Salt (I use nothing but sea salt in cooking anymore) and get our crafting on. Our area has been plagued by high winds and it’s making the place pretty damn inclement weather status.

After watching a few videos on YouTube and starting a Salt Dough exclusive crafting board on Pinterest, we had a few projects we could do with it and since it’s relatively cheap to make, we had a bunch of fun without a whole lot of investment.

I had never thought of the concept of using rubber stamps to make impressions in the dough. I have a few from Scrapbooking, so I pulled them out and we started creating sand dollars, puppies, paw prints, etc.

wpid-20150509_143225.jpgJude was super proud that he got to use a “real knife” to cut the dough. I had to explain the difference between a butter knife and the knives we use to cut things though. He thought they were all the same thing.

wpid-20150509_144930.jpg…And then we started rummaging through my kitchen tool drawer. We used a pot drainer, this potato masher, my metal measuring cups, among some other things.


Of course we also did the obligatory hand print which I have yet to finish up with painting. I made little ornaments out of the sand dollars pictured above and I’d love to try out this sea star garland I found. I think I found a fun project for all seasons, not just Christmas and Mother’s Day when you normally see it. 🙂

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Top Five Friday

  1. From Twitter:
  2. From YouTube:
    This is seriously one of the most honest parenting blogs I’ve seen. We ALL have some sort of toy that we keep away from our kids for one of these reasons.
  3. From the Faire:
    I really fell in love with these hand made glass tea pots. The fish is my favorite!
    Tea Pots
  4. From My Personal Facebook Page:
    After a rather horrible introduction to porta-potties this morning, Jude declared upon needing it a second time: “I don’t wanna use the poopy one.” Thankfully, one was acquired.
  5. From YouTube:
    I feel these guys did a better job with their song selection than the lady’s version — or I enjoyed it more at least. 🙂

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