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The Winds of Change

Ch-ch-changes. Yes, life has gotten away from me a bit and it’s brought on some more changes. It’s about time my blog catches up with it. If you’ve been here awhile, you likely remember this blog as “Ye Olde Humdrum” but I’ve slowly been switching all my social media over to “Katies Book Niche” since signing with Usborne Books & More. (Don’t worry! I’m NOT a pushy salesy person. Following/continuing to follow this blog will not result in endless ads!)

I’ve been super busy over at Instagram — in fact it’s probably my main form of public social media anymore. My Pinterest is hit and miss…and another thing I need to update. Lol. I’m hoping this blog kind of ties everything together with DIY, books, parenting, pets and life in general. A few of my catagories may disappear over in the right column as well. They just don’t fit the new life I’ve carved out over the past 18 months or so. 🙂

I hope all is well with you and your family as we head into the holiday season. Things have been good here.



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It’s Friday!!!!

We made it through another week, ladies and gents. While it may be the beginning of your 3 day weekend, my husband is just ending his weekend and returning to work today. Boo! Well, let’s get this list out of the way, shall we?

  1. From Twitter:
    My skin actually feels super soft and not dried out from using Pink Zebra “hand soap” as body wash in my shower. This stuff is paraben and sulfate free too!

  2. From Instagram:
    Finally picked up a book again. In the evenings I’ve been watching Heartland instead of reading, so I’m trying to start reading during the day instead. I miss it and Jude is starting to learn to read as well so I’d like to encourage reading as a good habit to have early on.
  3. Speaking of reading more:
    I finally made it to the library and attained a library card. We ended up leaving before getting to use it though since Jude had an emotional breakdown. We ended up going for a long drive so he would sleep since we think these emotional outbursts are stemming from a growth spurt of some sort. More on that next week….
  4. Also from Instagram:
    Legos have hit our household like a maelstrom! Jude really loves these junior sets.
  5. From Twitter:
    Best Jude line of all week!

  6. Until next week!
    Katie ☙

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Friday, Friday, Gettin’ Down On Friday….

You’re welcome for that title. Good luck gettin’ that out of your head. 😉

  1. From Our Home:
    Jude’s room now contains the solar system!
  2. Adventures In Crohn’s Disease:
    P.S. It seemed to help!

  3. Jude Had A Cold All Week:
    Pfft. Week! Who am I trying to convince? Try almost two weeks. Either way I placed Stress Relief and Relax in his warmer all week to help him breathe at night. That worked too. 🙂 BayMax
  4. Epiphanies Were Made:
  5. My Infatuation With Tsum-Tsum Has Grown:
    Not very well helped out by Target since they started carrying the product line, might I add. Add me on Line! User name: Zekora.

Until next week!
Katie ☙

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Top Five Friday

  1. From Twitter:
  2. From YouTube:
    This is seriously one of the most honest parenting blogs I’ve seen. We ALL have some sort of toy that we keep away from our kids for one of these reasons.
  3. From the Faire:
    I really fell in love with these hand made glass tea pots. The fish is my favorite!
    Tea Pots
  4. From My Personal Facebook Page:
    After a rather horrible introduction to porta-potties this morning, Jude declared upon needing it a second time: “I don’t wanna use the poopy one.” Thankfully, one was acquired.
  5. From YouTube:
    I feel these guys did a better job with their song selection than the lady’s version — or I enjoyed it more at least. 🙂

Until next week!
Katie ☙

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Those Life Decisions….

I’m really not good a life decisions. It’s the type A in me. Until I’m thoroughly sick of a situation, I don’t typically seek to change it because rational brain says “Heeeey, you comfy! Why you bitchin’?” THIS, sadly, is how I seek out housing.

In 2010 when it because apparent we were drowning in our house payment after our hours were slashed at work, I sought to move us out of that rather negative situation ASAP. My husband was depressed, we wanted to start a family, and well….we were just done with it. I think we moved in 3 weeks. See, when I’m uncomfortable, action is quick.

We’ve been happy in this home for 4 and a half years. It’s close to family, the freeway and 10 minutes from my husband’s work. All hard floors, two bedroom and 2 bathrooms, great neighbors (well, for the most part…there is a “fiesta” house but they only party hard a few days out of the year), we live on a cul-de-sac, but MY GOD! The schools over here are horrid. The elementary school around the corner is under-performing and falls under the Open Enrollment Act of 2010. The district we’re in won’t allow transfer outside of the school district, because, “hey, that’s tax monies, mister and we’re all about that paycheck helping educate your child.” (See what I did there?) So a few months ago, I went and started the enrollment process for Jude at a magnet school that focuses on STEM. Problem? It’s in another school district which NOW means we have to move. The good? He won’t start TK because of his fall birthday until Fall 2016, so we have time! The office staff said they’d contact me after the first of the year and that’s when I’d have to deal with residency and an inter-district transfer.

That brings me to this morning.

Awesome friend within that school district messages me to say that the house next door to them is up for rent….and my brain goes crazy rapid fire into the pros & cons list. This house is not close to the freeway, is not hard floors throughout, is $95 more a month and a whole lot farther from my husband’s work than 10 minutes, so already our expenses are increasing and that makes me not happy with the rising cost of gas. The neighborhood is “okay.” There’s awesome people, but this is also the neighborhood we fled because there was a drug dealer across the street that was adding to the not-so-good feeling of our underwater home, so sometimes there’s bad elements too. (Those jerks have since been arrested and prosecuted, but not until 3 years ago.)

Pros: This house is 3 bedrooms with a split floor plan and two full baths. It’s close to some great people who also have children Jude’s age. This town acts more like a community with town events that are low cost. New civic center, new-ish libaray, and hello, salt water public pool. It’s closer to the dog’s veterinarian (I still drive them a half hour over there to see her), the feed store, many of my Pink Zebra customers…. Okay, there’s a lot of pros.

But can we afford it? That’s my whole hang up.

Thanks for reading my rant! Haha. It helps to write this stuff out. Tell me your opinion in the comments! Let’s figure this out shall we?

~Katie ☙

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Top 5 Friday

I’m still categorizing this under “High 5 For Friday,” it’s just still my own thang!! 😉 If you’re following me on Twitter, this is all going to be a bit of a review.

  2. And, of course, I need to brag about this one one more time!

Until next week!
Katie ☙