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Top Five Friday

I used to do High Five For Friday, but I just can’t keep up with the posts during the week to have a fresh Friday post. This blog works best if I schedule posts and then monitor them throughout the week. Instead I’m going to share 5 awesome things from my previous week. They may be FB or twitter posts, things I find around the internet, etc, but none-the-less things that I find interesting or funny or both. 🙂

  • From FB

    “I just tried to figure out why the computer monitor wasn’t working….it was off.”
    Oh, yes, yes I did.
  • From Twitter
  • From You Tube:

    The Dress debate put to rest. (I still see white and gold.)

  • Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet:

Until next week!
Katie ☙


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RIP Mr. Spock

SpockAs one of the people that introduced me to Sci-Fi, I owe Leonard Nimoy a great debt. He helped to teach me how to imagine a greater future, be a great philanthropist and PROSPER!

As always, thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

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A Lil’ Bit More “Geek” Up In Here

Readers, I’m in pain! And it’s the type of pain I know is going to get worse and I’m just at the tip of the iceberg so the next few days look mighty unappealing. I’ve blogged about this issue before (click that link if you dare — it’s not pretty and probably best not viewed by those under the age of 18) and hadn’t had a bit of issue since the Saturday before Jude was born…until this week. And it’s angry. Oh boy is it angry! So, I have a doctor’s appointment set up in the morning and I’m hoping an operation Friday. I want this resolved. I have a toddler. I DO NOT have time for this crap!

Anyway, onto the Geekery…because it helps to distract away from the pain.

I know many friends of mine are crazy Candy-Crush addicts. Don’t deny it. You are. My request box is full of Candy Crush stuff, so I have evidence you just cannot deny. I am onto you! Did you know that King is suing smaller developers over the use of “saga.” Sound impossible? It’s not. Read this and leave your thoughts!

Personally, I feel this is trademark law gone seriously awry! Such as, my destination was Las Vegas and I ended up in Orlando, awry.  So awry, we may be in rye bread territory.

That last sentence made no sense. I’ll go now.

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wpid-IMG_180041093663249.jpegYesterday was an emotional day. I don’t know why the 9/11 attacks had such a profound emotional impact on me and even my husband thinks it’s silly that the date gives me the “willies,” but it does. I can’t explain it, I don’t know why, it just does.

On Wednesdays I have to attend college from 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. It’s a long day and I feel like I don’t really get to see Trubba because of his nap schedule, but I digress. It’s my last semester at the local college and I told myself to suck it up and just do it. Anyhoo…

My morning class is in the library and I pass right by the 9/11 memorial that our college has. I was touched to see that students had been leaving flowers and flags at the site. I wanted to get a picture before I left, but didn’t want to interrupt a girl spending silent time at the memorial so I didn’t.

My night class let us go 20 minutes early last night and as I was driving home I saw two runners running with a large American flag down one of our main streets at 9:11 p.m. and I remembered few of my friends are runners and had met to “Run to Remember” and a moment of silence early that morning. Another local church had held a memorial at 5:30 a.m. (the time that one of the planes hit our time) with a speaker that had been in the towers that morning. And then it hit me:

wpid-20130711_195528.jpgI live in the High Desert of California, specifically the Victor Valley and people like to talk down about this area a lot! A whole lot!! We have amazing sunsets here, the wind blows almost incessantly, and most of the people living here are poor — poor, poor! Can’t pay the bills and can barely feed the family sort of poor, but there IS COMMUNITY HERE if you just take a good look around. They showed it to me yesterday.

So, if you’re complaining that your area doesn’t have a community atmosphere, I challenge you to become a part of it. CHANGE it. Become involved! You may be surprised that there’s others that feel the same way you do.

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What is Happenning in Istanbul?

We don’t have any cable, so keeping up on news is whatever I find interesting on my home page and maybe what I happen to see on the front page of a newspaper. I knew there were riots, but had no clear idea why until a friend posted a link to this blog entry this morning. I found it very interesting and figured you (my readers) may too.

İnsanlık Hali

To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

Last week of May 2013 a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and yoga students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least…

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Week 4

Our Nibbler's First Thanksgiving

Week 4 had to have been one of the longest weeks ever.  Ever.  Of my life.

Somebody had gas and the whole world (or my husband and I rather) was going to pay.  Two nights of five hour screaming jags followed leaving us almost frantic, Nibbler hoarse, and we were all sleep deprived.  After a few web searches (our doctor’s office was closed for the holiday weekend) let’s just say we learned the appropriate way to administer gas drops and that has been our saving grace with the occasional administration of gripe water.  Nibbler has once again returned to his “normal programming” and we’ve returned to getting as much sleep as can be expected with a four week old.

This week also brought his first major holiday, although he couldn’t partake in any of the Thanksgiving eating (poor thing missing out on my mom’s peach pie – it’s a sad thing).  Nibbler did, however, wear his “My First Thanksgiving” jumper which was absolutely adorable until he had a diaper blow out.  So happy I keep a spare jumper in the diaper bag because boy did we need it.

Ordered the birth announcements on Friday and we’ll pick them up tomorrow because I was not going anywhere near a retail establishment on “Black Friday Weekend.”  The people that partake in these events are crazy!  Locally we even had some crazy lady pepper spray fellow shoppers at Wal-Mart because she absolutely needed to get her discounted merchandise.  It was rumored it was all for a half-price XBox, which while this household takes gaming seriously, was in no way worth battering strangers at midnight over.  Yes, in case you’re wondering, the psycho was able to attain her item of choice, check out, and leave the scene before the police even arrived.  This is why I stay home and partake in Cyber Monday every year and I can browse the internet for deals all while in my comfy Victoria Secret Pink sweats and raggedy t-shirt.  No psychos, no lines, no rage.

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Type A, FTW

I signed on the internet to see this little law gem on my home page this morning. A nurse in Maryland took the IRS to court and WON without a lawyer. Judge Goldberg, who had heard her case in tax court, later said that “‘[he] remember(ed) the case well because Ms. Singleton-Clarke was so articulate and well-prepared. Too many taxpayers are not.'” He also complemented “on her record-keeping during the hour-long trial.”

This made me laugh considerably because I’ve long been type A. I keep receipts, tax records, tuition records, bank statements, and medical insurance payment records fastidiously. I’m a filing nut and have a bit of a love affair with manila file folders. Okay, maybe it’s not really that extreme, but you get my point.

When we were having a dispute with a neighbor over their dog that they couldn’t (well wouldn’t) contain within their yard I had a Microsoft Word file on my desktop complete with dates and times of the incidents, what was said, photos of the places the dog had dug under our fence, and local town ordinances that defined “nuisance dogs” and my rights as a property owner to call animal control. It was on like Donkey Kong…and then they moved.

My Type A personality shines through again with my year-end blog (currently on MySpace) where I review the year and what we did. And yes, I do keep a list of everything from movies seen to books read all year-long. I was a bit irked when I couldn’t find it this year. I assume it got thrown away in one of my clutter-clearing tangents, but I believe I was able to recall most of it.

Other signs you’re Type A? Reading bulletin boards at work, union contracts (this kinda gets in the way because people get annoyed when you start spouting it), laws, and websites compulsively. Filling out any type of form you find with an obsessive amount of detail. Looking at charts and thinking “Geez, I could have done a lot better than that!” Scrapbooking and finding that most of your layouts are linear and not liking anything that’s not. Proof-reading everything four times over.

It gets out of control real quick, but I never thought being organized could help topple a government giant such as the IRS. I guess you learn new things every day.