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(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday


Pizza crust recipe: here. I make many things from scratch because of my Crohn’s disease. This way I avoid a ton of craptastic preservatives and artificial flavors that make me feel really lousy. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. 🙂

Chronically Fabulous,

P.S. This is a GREAT activity with your kiddos. Jude loves making his pizza as cheesy as humanly possible.

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BBQ Pork Ribs — The Easy Way

These turned out super tasty and they were super easy!

Take your spare ribs (I used only one rack) and cover them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place them in the crockpot and cover them in a bottle of beer. How long you cook them on LOW depends on your crockpot. Mine cooked them in 3 hours, while my friend cooks her’s for 8-10.

Remove the ribs and cover them in BBQ sauce — use your favorite, it doesn’t matter. See how easy this is? I sauced mine on a cookie sheet which simplifies the next step. At this point, mine were falling apart, so they only were sauced on one side since flipping them was tearing them completely apart. In all honesty, this was something I didn’t mind.

Place the ribs on a cookie sheet if you haven’t already. Cover with foil and back at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and devour. 😉

Ribs DoneI served them with corn on the cob and watermelon because it was hot that day and I didn’t feel like making mashed potatoes. Enjoy!

~Katie ☙

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Bake It Off….

“When you’ve spent all morning on the phone with various medical billing companies, you just ‘gotta bake, bake, bake it off.'”

The aftermath of dealing with medical crap from yesterday! If you follow me on Instagram, I post little tid-bits from our lives off and on.

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

PS This muffin recipe has made appearances in the blog before!

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White Chicken Chili

wpid-img_20141101_174706.jpgThis post is more out of being sick of looking this recipe up from a Facebook Message than anything. Haha. Just kidding! This recipe is super easy and quick if your crock pot works on turbo speed like mine does!!


-2 cans white kidney beans
-1 can white corn
-1 can chicken broth
-1 can cream of chicken soup
-1 small can of green chilies
-2-3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
-1/2 C sour cream
-1 T of taco seasoning (or less — depends on taste)


1) Drain beans and corn and place in crock pot.

2) Add chilies, cream of chicken, chicken broth, taco seasoning and chicken breasts into crock pot. I set mine on low, and it’s done in 3 hours even with the breasts frozen because my crock pot is on speed, BUT I’d assume that it would take a normal crock pot a longer amount of time! I’d start with however long it takes your crock pot to cook chicken breasts.

3) When chicken is done, I pull it out and shred it and place it back into the chili. Before serving, add the 1/2 cup of sour cream. I top my bowl with green onion because I just love it, but it’s not necessary!

This stuff is so good and SO easy. I love making it on cold days when I don’t want to move very much! I hope your family likes it as much as mine. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

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imageWeeks like these, I’m happy I’ve uploaded photos and brainstormed posts already. Lol.

I’ve tinkered with a meatball recipe – initially using one I found in a book as a guide and then going “rogue” depending on what I had on hand. These actually came out super moist the other day, so I figured I’d actually share this one.

The ingredients:

1 lb hamburger
1 chopped garlic clove
2 T of whatever marinara sauce you’re using
1 egg
pepper & salt to taste
parsely flakes (I just add until it looks good)
1 slice of bread
1/4 C milk


1. Tear up slice of bread and soak in 1/4 C of milk.
2. Combine all other ingedients in a mixing bowl.
3. Squeeze excess milk out of bread and combine the bread with other ingredients. Discard the leftover milk.
4. Form your balls (mine are about an inch or so in diameter).
5. Place on a baking sheet like above and place in preheated 350 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes depending on how your oven works. Mine takes the 15 on these, but it’s also circa 1970 so it has its…issues.

You can combine them with your sauce after they’re done, but I just serve them in a bowl of their own so the family can scoop up what they want and I can break them down into smaller pieces for Trubba. He loves his spaghetti. 🙂

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Cucumber Salad

imageHoly crap! Look at that photo clarity from my new Samsung Galaxy S3!! Woooooow.

Okay, now that my nerd-gasm is over, onto the post…..

I made this cucumber salad today for many reasons. I had produce I needed to get rid of in my refrigerator and I’m making Italian chicken in the crock pot and forgot to pick up baby carrots at the grocery store so the ones I do have, are for Trubba alone because that kid sure does love his carrots! This left the husband and I without much of a veggie plan, so I remembered this recipe I had asked for from my father-in-law. It’s so simple and so yummy!

Cucumber Salad

1/4 C sugar
1/4 C rice vinegar
1 tsp kosher salt


2 C cucumber halved and in 1/4″ slices1/2 C red onion
1/4 C chopped cilantro
1 T jalapeño seeded and minced

Um, mix it all together. Although I would advise making the dressing in a cereal bowl or something and then pouring it over the veggies and toss. It gets better if you allow it to set for a bit, but I was eating it right out of the bowl when it was done because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and it was still pretty great!