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It’s Friday!!!!

We made it through another week, ladies and gents. While it may be the beginning of your 3 day weekend, my husband is just ending his weekend and returning to work today. Boo! Well, let’s get this list out of the way, shall we?

  1. From Twitter:
    My skin actually feels super soft and not dried out from using Pink Zebra “hand soap” as body wash in my shower. This stuff is paraben and sulfate free too!

  2. From Instagram:
    Finally picked up a book again. In the evenings I’ve been watching Heartland instead of reading, so I’m trying to start reading during the day instead. I miss it and Jude is starting to learn to read as well so I’d like to encourage reading as a good habit to have early on.
  3. Speaking of reading more:
    I finally made it to the library and attained a library card. We ended up leaving before getting to use it though since Jude had an emotional breakdown. We ended up going for a long drive so he would sleep since we think these emotional outbursts are stemming from a growth spurt of some sort. More on that next week….
  4. Also from Instagram:
    Legos have hit our household like a maelstrom! Jude really loves these junior sets.
  5. From Twitter:
    Best Jude line of all week!

  6. Until next week!
    Katie ☙


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