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Friday, Friday, Gettin’ Down On Friday….

You’re welcome for that title. Good luck gettin’ that out of your head. 😉

  1. From Our Home:
    Jude’s room now contains the solar system!
  2. Adventures In Crohn’s Disease:
    P.S. It seemed to help!

  3. Jude Had A Cold All Week:
    Pfft. Week! Who am I trying to convince? Try almost two weeks. Either way I placed Stress Relief and Relax in his warmer all week to help him breathe at night. That worked too. 🙂 BayMax
  4. Epiphanies Were Made:
  5. My Infatuation With Tsum-Tsum Has Grown:
    Not very well helped out by Target since they started carrying the product line, might I add. Add me on Line! User name: Zekora.

Until next week!
Katie ☙


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