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Salt Dough Fun

wpid-20150509_143410.jpgThe Saturday before Mother’s Day I decided to buy some Morton’s Iodized Salt (I use nothing but sea salt in cooking anymore) and get our crafting on. Our area has been plagued by high winds and it’s making the place pretty damn inclement weather status.

After watching a few videos on YouTube and starting a Salt Dough exclusive crafting board on Pinterest, we had a few projects we could do with it and since it’s relatively cheap to make, we had a bunch of fun without a whole lot of investment.

I had never thought of the concept of using rubber stamps to make impressions in the dough. I have a few from Scrapbooking, so I pulled them out and we started creating sand dollars, puppies, paw prints, etc.

wpid-20150509_143225.jpgJude was super proud that he got to use a “real knife” to cut the dough. I had to explain the difference between a butter knife and the knives we use to cut things though. He thought they were all the same thing.

wpid-20150509_144930.jpg…And then we started rummaging through my kitchen tool drawer. We used a pot drainer, this potato masher, my metal measuring cups, among some other things.


Of course we also did the obligatory hand print which I have yet to finish up with painting. I made little ornaments out of the sand dollars pictured above and I’d love to try out this sea star garland I found. I think I found a fun project for all seasons, not just Christmas and Mother’s Day when you normally see it. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
~Katie ☙


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