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72 Hour Joining Special

I can just hear the groans now, but just hear me out!

No, I’m not making a million dollars a month. Pink Zebra hasn’t revolutionized the way we live our lives. It’s a process. No business is a success overnight and if they’re telling you that, they’re leaving out the years of work they had to put in before they launched.

May 2015 72 hour joinEveryone’s success story is different! What I do know is that I’ve made back my investment and then some. I’ve met some awesome people. I reconnected with friends that I’d lost contact with that were curious about PZ who contacted me to learn more.

My team is small, but it’s mighty! $1056.75 in sales so far this month and counting with only TWO active consultants. TWO. Imagine what doubling its size would do. So, I’m here to offer you an opportunity to join this great lil’ team of rockstars.

Through May 14th, you can join for 25% off. This was the special I enrolled under. My kit paid for itself the first month and as long as I’ve worked my business, it’s paid for its website fee ($9.95/mo) every month. I would love to add more motivated consultants to my team. PZ has been an awesome way to earn extra income on the side for me and have some of my own spending money while remaining a stay at home mom. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much anymore — other than the adult conversation every day.

The products are so versatile! I use mine as home decor more than shades for the Simmering Lights. You can create centerpieces, wedding favors, host candle bars at baby showers… seriously! You can do anything with our products. One of my newest customers uses the Sprinkles in her cat’s litter box, because HELLO! They smell great and they’re non-toxic! Our lotions and soaps are paraben and sulfate free which means that there’s no cancer-causing agents, just moisturized skin. Our new soaks line uses fragranced oil to fragrance your car and customize your diffusers at home. The whole company is value motivated and honestly, I’d totally sign for our fall/winter line. You’ll see in the slideshow below just how adorable the Fall decor is. Last, but not least, there’s the HEROES program which provides FREE child care to qualified single moms. There’s just so much to this company I could talk for hours.

So, if you’ve been thinking about beginning an in-home business, consider PZ. I love it, and I’m sure you would too. Click here to join and check out the product. My e-mail is also located at the top of that page if you would like to contact me OR go ahead and text that phone number on the “About Me” page.

~Katie ☙

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