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Those Life Decisions….

I’m really not good a life decisions. It’s the type A in me. Until I’m thoroughly sick of a situation, I don’t typically seek to change it because rational brain says “Heeeey, you comfy! Why you bitchin’?” THIS, sadly, is how I seek out housing.

In 2010 when it because apparent we were drowning in our house payment after our hours were slashed at work, I sought to move us out of that rather negative situation ASAP. My husband was depressed, we wanted to start a family, and well….we were just done with it. I think we moved in 3 weeks. See, when I’m uncomfortable, action is quick.

We’ve been happy in this home for 4 and a half years. It’s close to family, the freeway and 10 minutes from my husband’s work. All hard floors, two bedroom and 2 bathrooms, great neighbors (well, for the most part…there is a “fiesta” house but they only party hard a few days out of the year), we live on a cul-de-sac, but MY GOD! The schools over here are horrid. The elementary school around the corner is under-performing and falls under the Open Enrollment Act of 2010. The district we’re in won’t allow transfer outside of the school district, because, “hey, that’s tax monies, mister and we’re all about that paycheck helping educate your child.” (See what I did there?) So a few months ago, I went and started the enrollment process for Jude at a magnet school that focuses on STEM. Problem? It’s in another school district which NOW means we have to move. The good? He won’t start TK because of his fall birthday until Fall 2016, so we have time! The office staff said they’d contact me after the first of the year and that’s when I’d have to deal with residency and an inter-district transfer.

That brings me to this morning.

Awesome friend within that school district messages me to say that the house next door to them is up for rent….and my brain goes crazy rapid fire into the pros & cons list. This house is not close to the freeway, is not hard floors throughout, is $95 more a month and a whole lot farther from my husband’s work than 10 minutes, so already our expenses are increasing and that makes me not happy with the rising cost of gas. The neighborhood is “okay.” There’s awesome people, but this is also the neighborhood we fled because there was a drug dealer across the street that was adding to the not-so-good feeling of our underwater home, so sometimes there’s bad elements too. (Those jerks have since been arrested and prosecuted, but not until 3 years ago.)

Pros: This house is 3 bedrooms with a split floor plan and two full baths. It’s close to some great people who also have children Jude’s age. This town acts more like a community with town events that are low cost. New civic center, new-ish libaray, and hello, salt water public pool. It’s closer to the dog’s veterinarian (I still drive them a half hour over there to see her), the feed store, many of my Pink Zebra customers…. Okay, there’s a lot of pros.

But can we afford it? That’s my whole hang up.

Thanks for reading my rant! Haha. It helps to write this stuff out. Tell me your opinion in the comments! Let’s figure this out shall we?

~Katie ☙


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