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BBQ Pork Ribs — The Easy Way

These turned out super tasty and they were super easy!

Take your spare ribs (I used only one rack) and cover them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place them in the crockpot and cover them in a bottle of beer. How long you cook them on LOW depends on your crockpot. Mine cooked them in 3 hours, while my friend cooks her’s for 8-10.

Remove the ribs and cover them in BBQ sauce — use your favorite, it doesn’t matter. See how easy this is? I sauced mine on a cookie sheet which simplifies the next step. At this point, mine were falling apart, so they only were sauced on one side since flipping them was tearing them completely apart. In all honesty, this was something I didn’t mind.

Place the ribs on a cookie sheet if you haven’t already. Cover with foil and back at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and devour. 😉

Ribs DoneI served them with corn on the cob and watermelon because it was hot that day and I didn’t feel like making mashed potatoes. Enjoy!

~Katie ☙


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