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What’s Jude Been Up To?

I’m not going to lie, but these doctors have been running me ragged with all their testing for my Crohn’s Disease. That leaves little time for me and Jude to really just relax at home, but we’ve been trying to figure out things and enjoy the times in between and switch things up a bit.

Jude MenchiesI needed a TB test in order to start Humira and my doctor claimed it was a walk-in procedure, so I decided to take Jude along. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a long wait and regretted this decision about 30 minutes after I got there and we were still waiting. We waited for over an hour for a 3 minute thing which, of course, ran into our lunch time. I decided to stop at Menchie’s and completely forgot what an animal this kid is when it comes to fruit and “ice cream.” Haha. Next time, we’ll pile on more fruit!

Jude Bass ProWe managed to make it down to Bass Pro for an afternoon after his hair cut. We’ve learned that it’s best that one of us stays with Jude at the large aquarium inside while the other — okay, let’s face it, my husband — goes and waits in line at the gun counter. Jude loves this aquarium and calls Bass Pro the “fishy store.”

Jude MudMud. Yes, with a little help from one of my friend’s daughters, Jude has finally learned how to get good and dirty! I was beginning to wonder if and when this kid would ever learn how to play in the mud. It only took a full day of babysitting on a HOT winter day. I’m actually really sick of the high temps this winter. 80 is ridiculous for February.

Jude PlanesCostco had a special that was $5 off Disney DVDs or Blue Rays, so I picked up a few to give us some more variety throughout February. The most coveted of the selections we made was Planes Fire and Rescue. Jude told anyone who would listen throughout the store about it, including an older gentleman who really couldn’t care less while we stood in line.

Jude dentistLast, but not least, Jude had his first dental appointment. I was impressed as he stayed still for a scaling, polish and flossing as well as an inspection from the dentist. Now, if only I could get him to stay this still during meal times. He thinks meals are a time to take a few bites and walk away from the table and come back later. It drives me crazy!! Jude had no cavities this time, which made me one happy momma!! 😀

So, that’s a little update as to what Jude’s been up to! Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙



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