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I don’t know how many of you have heard about Jamberry nails, but I finally had an opportunity to try them out in February. Application was really easy (and I’m a klutz, so I was really worried I’d screw them up somehow) and they withstood everything I threw at them. I took a photo of days 1-7 — I had to combine days 6 & 7 because I forgot on day 6 — and created a draft complete with captions on my phone. Well, captions on the phone apparently don’t transfer over to the website because my images are here, but the captions have disappeared. So, rest assured I abused the crap out of my hands like usual and these things withstood it all! This includes dish-washing, lifting heavy objects, pre-schooler wrangling, dog handling, laundry, cleaning, mopping, etc. The best news is that these come out to about $7.50 per use, so they’re really affordable and fun.

So, enjoy my lil’ slide show and if you’re interested in these awesome products, visit my sister-in-laws site here. 🙂

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Katie ☙


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