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Pink Zebra Rally…And Comfort Zones…

Irvine RallyLast year, Pink Zebra held their California Rally in Bakersfield, but this year our awesome company is holding TWO in California: one in Fresno and another in Irvine on February 7th. February Rallies are our Spring catalog reveals and we get to see ALL of the products available first hand!! It’s absolutely awesome and I cannot wait to converse with other Zeebs outside of Facebook as well as be inspired by our main event coordinator.

I’m not going to lie, between all of my health issues in 2014 keeping my business alive was a challenge, but I still did it. I made sales from my hospital room and entered them on my cell phone. All that time sitting there watching reruns on HGTV also gave me a bunch of time to think and refocus my business goals. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that events in my area simply are not worth it 95% of the time. They’re poorly promoted and poorly attended, so I decided to overcome my fear and start booking more parties.

Public speaking in small groups scares the bajeebas out of me, but part of success is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. My final quarter of 2014 equaled all the sales I made since the beginning. Yes, since I signed up with PZ in June of 2013! It was all because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started opening my mouth and asking people if they’d like to host parties. I’m not a pushy person at all, but people have started to book and for the first time ever I have a party booked in Spring that isn’t my own!!

You can succeed in Direct Sales if you’re willing to push yourself and cross those boundaries you may have never realized existed. Heck, you can succeed in life if you push yourself past those boundaries you’ve given yourself. Like that cute guy in Chemistry? Go talk to him. Want that job? Go speak with someone there rather than just apply on the computer (unless it says they don’t want you to contact them, then don’t piss them off…that would be bad, bad, bad). Want a raise? GO.ASK.FOR.IT.

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

P.S. Look for a post with all the amateur photos I take at this Rally Saturday as well as any other company announcements we receive next week.

P.P.S. Want to know more about my Pink Zebra Business? Read more about it here or visit My Website, PZ focused Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest OR email me at: KatherinePratt07(at)gmail(dot)com.


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