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Pink Zebra Party Favors & Center Pieces

Candle Bar 1I know I touch on Pink Zebra quite a bit, but I can’t help it! I just love it and feel that many others would too! If you’re not familiar with Pink Zebra, let me explain it really quick: We’re a new company in home fragrancing featuring our Sprinkles. Sprinkles are a blend of soy and food grade paraffin waxes that release less carcinogens and burn cleaner than traditional candles. The best part is that they’re much more versatile than our competitors. Use them in your cat’s litter box, in the bag of your vacuum, in a glass container where you stick your make up brushes, in sachets in your drawers to freshen clothes….really, the possibilities are as limited as your imagination, BUT today I’m talking about candle bars, wedding favors and centerpieces!

Candle Bar 2Candle bars all begin with our Glimmer Glass. Choose from any of the 5 “petite” Glimmer Kits we currently have in our catalog. Martinis are cute and have been the most popular with my customers! Then, select the Sprinkles you want for your guests. You can choose them for color, but ultimately you want them to smell good together because your guests will eventually light these candles. Have a theme you’re trying to fit? If you’re having a Luau Island Coconut might fit your theme, but mix it with Turquoise Waters and you have added “the beach.” The purpose of the candle bar is so that people can build their own favor, but if you’re not into that, you can opt to build the candle FOR them or make another type of favor with our Sprinkles.

Favor 1ONE idea of a favor is to place our Sprinkles inside a sachet and leave it for guests at their place setting. Guests can either place the sprinkles in their warmer at home, Sprinkle them on top of a candle they already have at home, or they could even place it in a drawer at home to freshen their clothes. It’s entirely up to them what to do with them, but you’ve given them something they can use with almost anything. Much better than almonds. 😛

Shade Center PieceLast, but not least, our shades are designed for use over our Simmering Lights, BUT they can also be used as elegant centerpieces. Place them at the center of every table, use them to decorate up the gift or cake table, place one of our lights under them and use them as ambiance throughout the room…seriously, it’s entirely up to you and that’s the BEST part. Use PZ how you would want it to be used! That’s what makes it “Uniquely Yours.”

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙
PZ Independent Consultant

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