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Sea World

wpid-img_20141008_130359.jpgThis week may have a lot of travel posts since I’m still trying to catch up on the June vacation we took back east. This post, however is all about Jude’s pre-birthday trip to Sea World. We decided to go a few weeks before his birthday because they charge admission at 3 years old, BUT my cousin’s wife clued me in that many San Diego parks have free admission for kids the entire month of October, so that may be something to remember for next year! Legoland anyone? 😉

As some trips go, this one started off in a high pressure whirlwind where I didn’t think we may ever get to San Diego, but after we finally left home, stopped by at the Union Hall to get our discounted tickets AND finally migrated to San Diego, it was about 11:30am. Not horrible, but not what OCD mommy with a schedule had in mind. As Elsa says, I “let it go!”

First stop of the day was the critter barn where we got to see creatures such as beavers, porcupines and the like. We then went and saw penguins and the Pet Show. Their pet show is awesome and they use all animals that they’ve adopted from shelters! By then we needed to cool off (it was a typical So-Cal 90 degree day in October – I want FALL!) wpid-20141008_120539.jpgso we headed over to their Polar exhibit.

Jude is still too little to actually ride the Wild Arctic motion ride, but we were still able to explore around it. Jude enjoyed touching the ice wall, crawling through the polar bear den, and seeing the wrecked ship theme they carried throughout the area.

We saw the Sea Lion show (all played up around a Haunted Mansion theme) as well as the Dolphin show. Jude wasn’t much impressed with the penguin exhibit, but he did enjoy the multitude of aquariums, including the sharks! I was bummed to find out the park closed at 5 and not 6 like I thought, but we had packed in a pretty full day, Jude was tired and I was ready for rest too.

Thankfully, we had already decided to book a hotel room for that night because the drive is a bit of a long one and we came home the next day after a bit of a frolic in the hotel’s rather cold pool. I wish more hotel’s had heated pools!! Haha.

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Katie ☙


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