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And It Was A Partay!!!

October just felt crazy with a trip to Sea World, a two day hospital stint in Irvine, Jude’s birthday and then Halloween, so when it came to planning Jude’s birthday party my first instinct was to just drop it all together, but we didn’t have a party for him last year so I kinda felt that he should have a party this year even if it was small, so that’s what I did. Sometimes K.I.S.S. can apply to parties too.

wpid-img_20141102_145411.jpgI invited family and a few close friends and that was it. A whopping 17 people showed up (including kids). We held it at my in-law’s home because they have play equipment and a grassy area for the kids to play and we just have dirt. Lol. We served hot dogs, macaroni salad, chips and dip, grapes, zucchini fritters and birthday cake, of course! The only activity I planned for the kids was to play, so I scattered a few of Jude’s balls across the grassy area in the back yard and that ended up being the main fun activity for the kids to play together.

The thing I love about our friends is that they have kids ranging in all ages. We had a baby as young as 5 months all the way up to a 9 year old and they ALL played together without much of any issue. (We had the usually toddler “mine” fights, but that was just about it.)

And this cake just turned out too cute! The Thomas on top is an actual Wooden Railway engine so he can use it with his train set and the cake on the rail car plays the Thomas & Friends Theme. This was actually the 3rd one since the first 2 were lost by USPS in the mail, because USPS is awesome that way…or they were just taking them for themselves. I’m not sure which. 😛

wpid-20141102_163905.jpgOf course, Jude just ate the frosting, like usual. Haha.

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Katie ☙


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