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Trying to pick up my good reading habit again! I guess I hadn’t updated Ye Olde Bookshelf in over a year. Whoops!!!

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

Ye Olde Bookshelf

InsurgentI breezed through Divergent (which I apparently forgot to write a review for) this summer while we were in Maine and since I knew I’d have an extra day of quiet after medical procedures, I decided I’d try and pick up another book in this series and get through it. Lol. Well, that extra day didn’t happen, but I did finally manage to get through this book last week!

Insurgent really started out slow and I was having an issue keeping up the reading pace. It starts where Divergent left off and I feel that I should have read Insurgent after I finished Divergent and kept up the momentum! The ending was jaw dropping — I honestly didn’t see it coming — and I didn’t see the deaths of any characters coming this time either. Veronica Roth did a great job of keeping you on your toes when the…

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