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I FINALLY Have A Diagnosis!!

9bdb5060aa1eb54b8787a8d04de1e260If any of you have read my recent entries on my pancreatitis, you know this has been a rather miserable year for me. I just spent another miserable day in the hospital yesterday and part of Tuesday evening waiting for an MRCP after having an EUS Tuesday afternoon. If any of that is Greek to you, I’m sorry and I’m even sorrier that all these acronyms are not Greek to me anymore!! I finally got to sleep in my own bed last night and my wake up call this morning was from the Gastroenterologist that performed the EUS procedure Tuesday morning with a diagnosis:

I have Crohn’s Disease — well, unofficially. More testing is needed in November to officially make it official, but after reading about trigger foods online this morning and after eliminating MOST of those trigger foods from my diet already through trial and error over the past year, it make so much more sense!! The scarring from my Crohn’s was in my small intestine near the pancreas so my flare ups were causing the pancreatitis, not the pancreas causing the flare ups! This whole time it was a symptom and NOT the cause!!

It’s been a horribly emotional few days, but I actually see hope in this mess for the first time this year and that’s a really good thing. Also, knowing I’m not crazy when my doctors were telling me eat low fat and I was and was still ending up in the hospital or with pancreatitis cases here at home is a huge relief!!

Oh, and tomatoes? Those are the DEVIL! (To me anyway. They were the key to my last hospitalization, not the burger I’d had 2 days before my attack! Feels so nice to be able to eat again! :D)


Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙


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