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Saving That Money!!

StatersI may be on a bit of a couponing high from this morning, but I’m thinking I did pretty well! This was the highest savings I’ve ever netted on paper and digital coupons ever at Stater Bros. I’ve had higher savings just by shopping sales and using those BOGO and “Combine and Save” deals, but I did pretty awesome this morning! I’m not an extreme couponer either, or the net paid out would be much less, but I don’t buy what we don’t use. Part of saving money to me is using what we buy and I don’t have a warehouse to store all those deals either, so for me it just wouldn’t work to buy 20 X 36 roll packages of toilet paper!! Haha.

As a SAHM, we’re really a one income household. My money from Pink Zebra isn’t as steady as I’d like (yet), so that ends up being (a) play money or (b) saving money. Due to this, I try and save wherever I can. This can be through sales, couponing or a myriad of apps on my phone. Now, I only have so much time during the day so I’ve limited myself to apps that are easy to learn and use, or I could go crazy with all these apps on my phone.

Unlike other apps, Checkout 51 can be used at any store. If you frequent local chains (like I do), this app will be more useful for you. It’s only drawback is that you can only use each coupon once a week. Personally, I also feel like you have to be a bit more “on top of it” to redeem your receipts. This is an app that I redeem offers on the minute I sit down when I get home or it feels like I miss out.

Ibotta is actually quite a bit of fun! I use this with Cartwheel at Target quite a bit, but it’s also the only way I’ve found that I can cash in at Costco. In addition to your own savings, you can build onto those savings and earn bonuses with your “team.” Your team is composed of your friends on Facebook and there’s different levels of bonuses you can earn each month.

I love Target and boy do I love Cartwheel. If you remember to check Target’s coupon section on their website and print out coupons before you leave your home, you can really stack up the savings in addition to your Red Card (I have the debit, so NO credit card debt here). I’ve netted almost $60 in savings since I started using this app last year and right now, there’s tons of deals on toys! I saved 20% on my son’s birthday gift coming up and I’m planning on buying quite a few Christmas gifts in the same manner. This app also allows you to scan your items in store and it will look up if there’s an offer on it or not. It’s so convenient!!

Hopefully that gives my fellow savers something to start at. I’m not the biggest saver, but I do make a dent in our grocery shopping trips by using these 3 apps. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙


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