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A Lil’ Update On Jude

So, it’s been awhile since I just blogged about Trubba, so here’s an entry just focused on him:

wpid-20140923_101055.jpgThis kid literally eats all the time. It’s like I can’t get him enough food to keep him satiated. Whatever this growth time is, it should be named “bottomless pit” or “give me all the snacks” or something to just allow parents some insight as to how much their grocery bill is going to go up!

I’m not sure if he’s “ahead of the game” or not, but according to this milestone list, he’s already met quite a few that he should meet by 4 concerning cognitive and language. We’ve been working on phonics and he’s showing an interest to read on his own. I guess we’ll work on writing next, but he doesn’t like to color — he’d rather use stamps or magnets creatively than any art supplies. Haha.

And we’re completely potty trained and out of diapers!! Thank goodness! That money has been moved toward more snacks since July! 😉

His favorite shows are Transformers, Handy Manny and Strawberry Shortcake. His favorite color is still pink. Favorite foods have become any fruits or cheeses, but don’t present him protein in the form of meat; he’ll dismiss you as crazy.

Like most 2 year olds (his birthday is October 28th, so we’re almost to 3), he won’t listen. At.all! He likes to jump on the couches, hit and kick the dogs, and push people. This age is brutal and I’m ready for my more affectionate and gentle child to return. Recently, he’s began spitting his drink on people, but I’m hoping that goes away, and soon! Things I can’t do with him include clothes shopping or just browsing, so whenever I can get away to do something like that, I do it! Otherwise, I enter stores like a SEAL team with a clear mission objective that takes no more than 20 minutes in a store, TOPS!

wpid-20140906_093830.jpgWe’ve actually been doing quite a bit of traveling. Today we’ll be coming home from Sea World (this blog is on auto pilot for the rest of the week). Jude has also been kayaking while I was at one of my events representing my Pink Zebra biz. We’ve also been to the beach (east and west coast this year), a bounce house place, two weddings (one of which Jude had his FIRST night at grandma and grandpa’s), back up to Big Bear and a few other things. We’ve just been trying to keep this little dude busy!

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙


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