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June’s Vacation Part 2

I really wrote part one waaaaay back in what? July? I guess pancreatitis has been absorbing more of my life than I thought. Anywhoooo….on with the show.

wpid-20140606_150133.jpgEvery trip “back east” has to have a stop at the Nubble. We always drive by and spend an hour or so, take a few pictures and just enjoy the simplicity of this classic landmark. Jude was memorized by the water washing against the rocks, a few seagulls taking baths in tide-pools and the fishermen more than he was by the lighthouse, but that’s okay. He got to view this amazing landmark and we snapped off a few family photos to scrapbook later. Of course, we went down the street a bit to have some ice cream afterwards because that’s just what this family does. I had the sherbet and had to eat it quickly before it melted. This pic looks like it was chilly, but when the sun came out, it was actually quite warm!

wpid-20140607_091334.jpgI can’t remember if it was the next morning or not, but we went to pick out some old fashioned donuts one morning. There is nothing like a place that still hand makes their own donuts AND they were huge!! It was torture waiting until we drove from Maine to New Hampshire to spend the weekend with family before we got to crack open that box and eat a donut (or two) for “brunch.”

Below is the view from my husband’s uncle’s back yard!! There is literally no contest which is the better view. I’d move to the east in a heart beat if we could find gainful employment! I’m so done with just looking a dry desert dirt. It’s October here right now and it’s 94 degrees. I’m so done with sun! I want weather!!

wpid-20140607_123444.jpgAfter that fun-filled family weekend, we drove up to Portland, Maine and went on the “Duck tour.” Jude was a little apprehensive about a vehicle that also went in the water (he proclaimed “WE’RE GOING TO GET ALL WET” as we entered the ocean), but once he realized we were going to be fine, he settled down and enjoyed the sea faring. This was an awesome tour to see much of Portland in a short period of time. The architecture was also something great to see!

Oh, and QUACK QUACK!! 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙

Part 3 coming soon!


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