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Okay, here’s my hard factoid about 2014. It sucks! There, I said it. 2014 has done nothing but harass myself and my family until we’re just about ready to give up. The biggest highlight has been the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis.

In case you’ve never heard of this…affliction…it basically means the pancreas attacks itself because it can’t drain. I’ve been hospitalized twice this year which completely disrupts my lil’ family, which I hate. I’ve been told several things by my doctors, but the most consistent one is: You’re sick and we don’t know why. One even told me that this may just be something that I need to live with and that is just something I refuse to believe. I can’t live with bi-weekly attacks and twice (or more) yearly hospitalizations. Sorry, it’s just not the way I see my life panning out. I’m 31! I’d like to have another child, build my business, and travel. I can’t do that not knowing when my ticking time bomb of a pancreas is just going to randomly decide to implode.

So, let’s cover a few things while we’re here:

*I am not, nor ever have been, an alcoholic. There’s a stigma with this disease and that’s not what mine is from!
*I am not overweight. In fact, I’m now average. I was 180 pounds when I got married and I’m now 160 and 5’10” — so I’m going in the right direction.
*I don’t eat a high fat diet. In fact, the last time I had an inflammation, I had just had chicken and steamed vegetables for dinner. I stick to a low fat diet because they say it will help me, but so far it hasn’t made me a believer.

I see a specialist in a few weeks (I should have a firmer appointment by the end of the month) and I’m hoping they’ll actually find out what the cause is. If it’s a deformed drainage duct, if it’s my gall bladder, if it’s a sphincter of some sort…I don’t care! I just hope they fix it so I can get on with my life because this sucks! 😦

Next post will be more upbeat. I have a lot of things I need to catch up on. Let’s see how much I can get done this afternoon since Jude seems content with his toys at the moment.

Thanks for reading,
Katie ☙


4 thoughts on “2014

  1. oh bummer! I’m sorry to hear that you’re not well 😦 That’s the pits, when you’re so sick you can’t be there doing the normal things you do for your family. I’m sure you feel hopeless at times. Keep your spirits up and blog too if it helps 🙂 {HUGS}

    1. Hopefully I hear from the surgeon today or tomorrow. We’re at a hotel near Sea World and my pancreas is letting it be known it’s upset with me, but it doesn’t hurt yet. I’m really just tired of not being able to eat anything. I had fish and chicken breast yesterday, so this shouldn’t be happening. Lol

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