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SIX Hour Plane Flight & The Zoo

I hinted a few days ago about having spent some time on a plane with a 2 year old. Did I mention it was a 6 hour plane flight across the country? Jude is a two year old that never stops moving — in fact, right now he’s treating me like his own personal jungle gym. What can I say? I multi-task.

wpid-20140603_211825.jpgOur flight left late (I think we finally boarded around 11:30 since the flight was running behind by about 30 minutes). Jude was exhausted and not too happy about having to lose “Raffi” (it’s a large giraffe that’s kind of also a blanket and his “lovey”) to the x-ray machine. I asked if I could carry him through the metal detector since he was screaming over the loss of his beloved animal. I think the TSA agent said I could provided I allowed them to swab my hands — I couldn’t really tell over the screaming and crying going on in my right eardrum. We survived security and my hands were washed down by the TSA, that’s service! 😉

We flew on Jet Blue from LAX to Boston and I must say I prefer them to any other airline by FAR in regards to traveling with a child. They said nothing about our bringing the car seat on the plane (I’d heard they may not allow it), got us in and taking off in record time. For the record, we flew on one of their larger planes, Jude has a Britax Marathon 70 and we boarded with those that needed extra time. I love that freakin’ car seat more every time I have to install it. So easy no matter what method I have to use – well worth every penny!

Jude did okay on the flight out. He slept most of the time, but was horribly restless and cried in his sleep. Somewhere over the Great Lakes, he’d decided that enough was enough and I ended up with a lap passenger until we landed. It’s not often I get to hold him while he sleeps, so I relished in it a bit. A day is coming soon where I’ll never get to do it again.

wpid-20140604_101808.jpgWe quickly collected our luggage and then hustled our way to the bus to Portsmouth, NH. I think this was, by far, Jude’s favorite part of the trip. He happily watched the greenery flying by, pointed out any “Mighty Machines” at construction sights and I think he even caught a glimpse of a train at some point. From Portsmouth, we went to Wells, ME by car. The rest of the day was a blur with naps (my husband, nor I slept, on the plane) and just adjusting to the time change which is easier than when we come back.

The next day we went to York’s Wild Kingdom which was by far the neatest zoo we’ve visited. It was smaller, but wonderful! The highlight for me was the enclosure where the smaller deer could come out of their enclosure to get feed from guests in the walkway. I thought that was super cool. Jude wasn’t down with feeding them, but he would pat them gently on the back with the sweetest little giggle and smile. Jude’s favorite exhibit was this ice cream flavor board — the booth was unfortunately closed. Haha. Other exhibits worth mentioning: the petting zoo with all the adorable goats, the butterflies (FREE with admission – in California they’ve all charged in addition that I’ve seen) and their tigers.

Now, hopefully I keep this blogging spree up before I forget all the details. ❤


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