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“Big Boy”


Progressing in my series of things that I meant to write about a month ago….

“Big Boy” number 4014 was making its way back to Wyoming to be restored and was making a few stops along the way — one of which was in our own town, so of course I had to take my train obsessed toddler. It was a hot Monday, preceded by a hot day at the Renaissance Fair. Safe to say, I’d had enough of the sun by the time this was over.

Like all good things, we had to wait for it. It was a little late. My husband took his lunch to see it and met us there, only to be disappointed and having to go back to work before it even arrived. Then we waited a little more…and finally it arrived.

wpid-img_20140428_145644.jpgIt was worth it. Jude was a tad bit more interested in the coaches than the actual engine though. He really enjoyed the ringing of the bell and I liked that the staff was willing to talk to all the people that had come out to see the engine. I was happy I brought the jogging stroller because we were able to walk the entire length of the train since the whole thing wasn’t paved.

Somehow, or another, I was able to make my way to the front of the crowd and snap this photo. Jude was more interested in his sippy cup than the massiveness of this wheel, but it still turned out good for a “quick take a picture” moment. 🙂

The thing that was most impressive about this whole event was the amount of people that came out for this. I never knew so many people still had an interest in trains. There’s hope for preserving our history after all, and that’s a good thing.


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