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The Faire! Huzzah!

Long-time followers of my blog may remember that we attend the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale once a year. It’s been a tradition of ours, for the most part, for as long as Jason and I have been dating — that’s 15 years folks! When Jude was born, we continued the tradition and it’s been fun getting his picture with his fairies since he was an infant. (Year 2013Year 2012)

Jude actually enjoyed the faire quite a bit this year. He fell in love with the glass mushrooms they have that glow in the dark there — in hind sight, we should have bought him one!! He actually has made the connection about photo opportunities as well. If there was a plywood cut-out, he hammed it up without even being prompted.

wpid-img_20140427_194637.jpgIt was a great day to be there as well. It wasn’t too hot and there was a moderate cloud cover. There have been years where we were miserable in the heat, but since they moved the Faire up earlier into the year, we haven’t had that problem! For those of you wonder, no we don’t dress up, but we’d like to one year! This weekend’s theme was “Time Traveler Weekend” so there were a few Dr. Whos running around and quite a bit of steam punk. People are really creative, that’s for sure. 🙂


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