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January Was Not My Friend

There's been much chocolate consumption thus far this year.
There’s been much chocolate consumption thus far this year.

As many of you may have surmised, January wasn’t exactly the best of times over here and all of it was overshadowed by the month long cold. Blech.

It really felt like one appliance after another was out to get us. My clothes dryer suddenly stopped drying out of nowhere mid-January. So, what do you do at the height of winter when your dryer stops drying? You’re forced to get it fixed and then since you live in Southern California, the 80 degree temperatures roll around the following week. Great timing — we don’t have it. Jude has also had this soother since he was an infant and it also decided to stop functioning as designed. I had already taken it apart once and replaced a cheap plastic ring that had broken that helped to drive the movement. I was hoping it was a similar case this time and it wasn’t. Sadly, the motor completely stopped working. I was afraid this was going to be a catastrophic issue (much like I felt when his last pacifier bit the dust). My mind raced with no sleep scenarios much like his first year of life, but Jude seemed content with it not moving anymore as long as the lights and music still worked. He’s much more resilient and understanding than I give him credit for.

I had blogged previously about my gland issue flaring up again. Thankfully, it was the quickest flare up I’ve ever had and remedied itself before I could see a doctor about treating it. My OB-GYN prescribed me antibiotics anyway to ensure that it wouldn’t get infected right away again and another lovely post-pregnancy “hi, your body has changed and not for the better, but you can’t take that anymore” reared it’s ugly head. I’ve taken this antibiotic before I was pregnant and was fine, but this time the antibiotic gave me gas, and not like the cute little “tee-hee” type of gas passing either. It was ugly folks and I’m sure I contributed heavily to global warming for the 10 days I was on those meds. Yikes!

Sadly, since I wasn’t feeling well, our meal plans have been pretty uninspired and anything easy has been my go-to. Crock pot chili, casseroles — have you ever noticed casseroles aren’t really easy and require a crazy amount of kitchen apocalypse clean up? — soups, and chicken have been my go-to for weeks. This week became slightly better, but not by much.

And last, but not least, my 4 year old plecostomus became listless and ended up passing away in my aquarium. He was HUGE and definitely the star of my tank. I was pretty upset and I still don’t know why he passed either. I ended up replacing him with a clown plecostomus instead and I’m starting to plant live plants in my aquarium….hopefully those survive!!!

I know he blends in, but the new fishy upon his arrival to my tank.
I know he blends in, but the new fishy upon his arrival to my tank.

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