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H54F — I Made It A Whole Week Posting!! YES!

Seriously — this was discipline in the highest for me, just saying! Haha.

1)  I estimate what my husband’s paycheck will be and then make out our bills a day early while the house is nice and quiet after someone goes to bed. 😉 I opened up our Charter bill to find that they extended our internet promotion for another full year! Hooraaay for more cheap internet. Truly, thank-you Charter!

2) wpid-IMG_20140118_145613.jpgWe went to my friend’s baby shower last weekend. (Yes, all 3 of us!!) Jude was able to play with my friend’s son who is a week older than him, as well as the many balloons with “but-wer-flies” attached to the strings. He had a blast and kept sneaking cupcakes off the buffet table. Mmmmhmmm. Anyway, we were asked to create babies out of Play-doh and my hubby created this blue sex ed lesson on the right. 😛

3) Jude has been needing a hair cut. Badly. You may have noticed the crazy hair in many of the pictures. He has about 7 “cow-licks” and none of them go the same direction. It’s the worst after he wakes up from a nap or first thing in the morning. The stylist cut it pretty short this time and it’s a relief for mommy. He was thrilled to get a sucker out of it.

4) wpid-IMG_20140123_180948.jpgI got adventurous in the kitchen again since I’m actually feeling a bit better and made this concoction. Beer battered and beer battered with coconut shrimp. My husband doesn’t really care for coconut, so I made it both ways. No, Jude still will not touch shrimp no matter how we try, but he ate his green beans! He’s totally not a dinner kid either and he skipped nap, so he was a bear considering dinner was late tonight (Thursday). Whoops.

5) We finally caved and called the appliance repair man and got our dryer fixed. While I’m sad our “It Blew Up Fund” has already been hit up and almost completely depleted, I am overjoyed to have a functional dryer again. I did, however, consider just getting a clothes line. I may do that this summer anyway considering our 110 degree summer temps would probably dry the clothes faster than the dryer anyway!


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