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A Lil’ Bit More “Geek” Up In Here

Readers, I’m in pain! And it’s the type of pain I know is going to get worse and I’m just at the tip of the iceberg so the next few days look mighty unappealing. I’ve blogged about this issue before (click that link if you dare — it’s not pretty and probably best not viewed by those under the age of 18) and hadn’t had a bit of issue since the Saturday before Jude was born…until this week. And it’s angry. Oh boy is it angry! So, I have a doctor’s appointment set up in the morning and I’m hoping an operation Friday. I want this resolved. I have a toddler. I DO NOT have time for this crap!

Anyway, onto the Geekery…because it helps to distract away from the pain.

I know many friends of mine are crazy Candy-Crush addicts. Don’t deny it. You are. My request box is full of Candy Crush stuff, so I have evidence you just cannot deny. I am onto you! Did you know that King is suing smaller developers over the use of “saga.” Sound impossible? It’s not. Read this and leave your thoughts!

Personally, I feel this is trademark law gone seriously awry! Such as, my destination was Las Vegas and I ended up in Orlando, awry.  So awry, we may be in rye bread territory.

That last sentence made no sense. I’ll go now.


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