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My Son’s Blanket

wpid-IMG_20140114_170048.jpgMy son, as you may have noticed, has a Thomas the Train addiction. Before Christmas, we saw this material at Wal-Mart (which isn’t exactly my most favorite place to shop for many reasons, but I digress) and we decided not to purchase it at that time for the simple reason we had several other kidlets to purchase toys for at that time. We were invited to a baby shower this past weekend and I decided to give the gift of a diaper cake, Wal-Mart had the lowest price on Huggies at the time (my friend wanted size 2 or larger) so I picked up this fabric while I was there having the brightest of ideas that I’d make him a fleece, no sew, tie blanket.

Let’s just say, this is not my craft yet! Lol.

wpid-20140114_203818.jpgI couldn’t find a very straight forward tutorial on how to make these things. I wasn’t really down with the look of the knotted finish. I had to be fancy pancy and tried to mimic the monster pattern blanket that my supreme-sister-in-law made for Jude a year — or was it two years? — ago. So, I dove in. And by dove in, I mean I did it in my post-pregnancy, everything has to be done in a hurry or it’s not going to get done, hastiness.

So, I laid this business out on the floor, trimmed the edges so they’d match and then got to trimming 1-inch strips 2-inches long. Then after that craziness was done, I unfolded a paper clip so it was a nice hook, cut a small slit in the middle horizontally of each strip and started flipping it through like that topsy-turvy pony tail thing from the 90s using the paperclip sort of like a crochet hook. It ended up working out pretty well, except when I was working with the nap (I guess that’s what it’s called — I’m not a professional!) of the fleece that I picked as the backing, it stretched a whole lot. I think this had to do with how narrow I cut the strips more than anything. Next time, thicker strips!


Either way, it turned out cute and Jude asks for his Thomas blanket at night, so I guess it’s a hit! That’s all I can ever ask for. 🙂


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