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H54(last)F — A Whole Lotta Nothin’

Yeah, yeah. Life got a little crazy and lazy last week. I’ve noticed if I don’t at least get 2-3 entries done on the weekend, I can’t seem to keep up during the week, so here’s a bit of a recap:


1) We spent some time at the park. After having a 3 week cold, I’m sure Jude was more than ready to go crazy on the park equipment and I was grateful for the sunshine. I was still at the tail end of having pink-eye (ha, there’s another post for another time — don’t let me forget!) so we made sure to go early and we had the whole park to ourselves.


2) Jude gave up naps – again – and I don’t think he’s entirely ready, but he sure thinks he is. His humor is basically gone by the afternoon and he’s rubbing his eyes by dinner. We moved his bed time up an hour and he sleeps 12 hours a night, but I miss my silence in the afternoon SO bad!


3) My train loving toddler received a train quilt from his Great-Grammy. I couldn’t get him to stand still with it and this was the best pic out of 3!


4) We make our own entertainment — even if it’s just with Daddy’s “flashwy light.” I had no idea this one would strobe, but Jude figured it out. Can I make it do that? Absolutely not!!


5) We did a lot of errand running this week which made me alarmingly aware of how big this kid has grown in his car seat. I even had to adjust his seat when we were running late to meet Daddy for lunch one day because the straps were below his shoulders. (God bless Britax! They make it so easy to do in 5 seconds with a squirming toddler in one hand. I’m a fan! His booster will be Britax too…one day long in the future.)

So, that’s last week in a nut shell. Told you it was a whole lotta nothin’! 😉


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