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I’m sure many of you have heard about Netflix’s plan to start raising prices in the near future and I just…well, meh. And I really, really hate to be that way, but since we decided to ditch cable and reduce costs wherever possible, another company raising prices just means we leave their service, and honestly — that’s truly more than okay.

Since we got rid of the cable box I’ve noticed we spend more time together as a family. The media (horror) isn’t in our lives on a daily basis which is kind of nice — I don’t need to hear about how many people were killed last night and how guns/drugs/medications are the enemy over and over again every hour! We don’t have to hear about the latest political “scandal” either. It’s peaceful and freeing! Try it.

I also don’t feel my son is really missing out on anything. Sure, he watches his Thomas & Friends with a dash of Caillou and Bob the Builder, but we get to choose what he watches rather than what is next up on the line up. (I’ve yet to be subjected to Barney, I am graciously thankful.) Sure, we could just turn the t.v. off, but how many of us really do that? I found when we had t.v. it was on from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed — on mindless drivel if need be. Jude already loves to “read” which is amazing to me; even if the t.v. is on, he’ll bring books out and pretend to read them or have us read to him. I’m so excited to share books with him that I loved as a child when he’s older and I see the roots of that beginning now and it’s exciting to me.

So, upset Netflix is raising prices? Turn it off.


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