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Our Weekend, in a Nutshell

My husband rarely ever gets a weekend day off — it’s the nature of the beast when you work for a grocery store and since that’s what I used to do too, it’s definitely something that we’re all used to. However, when we found out that he was receiving a Saturday off, we immediately made plans to find someone to watch Jude (Grandma) and journey out to our local gun range…and then we woke up late and it just ended up not happening. What did we end up doing instead? What every man would want to do:

Yeah. We went to the mall. This isn’t something I particularly enjoy either, however I needed a gift card for my dad (we had our Christmas with my family Saturday afternoon) and well…like I said, it just needed to be done. After the gift card was acquired, we’d noticed that Jude had worn a hole in the toe of his “super hero” shoes that morning so now our hunt was on for the perfect shoes for our train loving crazy kid and there at Famous Footwear, like an apparition on the horizon, there.they.were!!

wpid-IMG_20140105_140106.jpg I mean how much more perfect could these be? And they light up! The joy from his just seeing the box when we got home was worth it. “TRAIN! THOMAS!!” and then “THOMAS! SHOES!!!” when he finally cracked open the box. His face as he sat down on the floor and demanded that my husband and I take off his old shoes and put on these was just of light. Sadly, these are probably going to be his last size 9 shoes. My 2 year old is a giant! He’s in 3T/4T clothes and size 9 shoes at 27 months. That’s totally insane to me. INSANE.

We also ran a few more errands to the local Home Brewing place (my husband makes his own mead) and then we were able to finally go out and have a quiet lunch by ourselves at a pizza place we used to frequent on the other side of the valley before trekking home to give our lil’ guy his new shoes.

Dinner with my family that night and our mini-Christmas was pretty good considering my crazy crock-pot burned the veggies I was making and I had to make mashed potatoes and steam some beans and broccoli instead. Bless my husband, he stepped in and took care of the potatoes too. His mashed potatoes are so much better than mine!


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