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Never Look Back

Edna Mode — who didn’t love her character in The Incredibles? I’ve tried hard to keep a focus on the future, but sometimes the past drags down the present.

*A girl was our waitress on Saturday that I used to work with and we didn’t part on good terms, although I never fully understood why until years later.
*I don’t get to see the joy on the faces of 2 children we purchase gifts for every Christmas because of the actions their father took — he’s not allowed anywhere near our home, let’s just leave it at that.
*We’re probably going to have to lower our house hunting expectations due to the foreclosure taking so long (26 months from beginning to end) on our credit report and now loan percentages are reportedly going to go up in 2014.

So, while we’re obviously moving forward, the past just keeps lingering at times to remind us about it. You always have to play the cards you’re dealt though and sometimes things just are (or aren’t) meant to be.


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