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And onto 2014….

wpid-IMG_20131231_084706.jpg2013 was a bit turbulent. It was our first full year living on one income, it brought in the “terrible twos,” more car issues than I think most households see in five years — not just one, fraud on our accounts and academic challenges.

Needless to say, we didn’t get to really enjoy a whole lot of fun adventures this year because we were too busy trying to catch our tails financially. I’m hoping we get to turn that around in 2014. We’re going to visit family in the North East this summer, which is something we haven’t done since 2009. I’m hoping to return to Catalina Island too since we only really got to enjoy 2 hours of it on our honeymoon — we were so exhausted we slept until 11 that morning and we had to leave at 2 on our cruise. Lol. And boy, I’d really LOVE to go see a movie in a theater! We haven’t done that since before our lil’ sir was born.

I know it may be a pipe dream, but I’d also love to move to a bigger home this year that we own. I’m becoming a bit tired of renting, although this place has finally begun to feel like “home” after 4 years.

All-in-all our resolution is to “live a little and make memories.” What’s yours?


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