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Holy schmeeshus! I survived Financial Accounting by the skin of my teeth, but I passed the class with a B. I wrapped up an AS in Business and an AS-T in Administration of Justice and boy am I tired. This semester was trying and borderline awful at some points, but I did it. I even found myself stepping out of my “leave me alone” shell which is saying a whole lot for those who know how shy I am.

Meanwhile, I’ve been selling Pink Zebra on the side and I can’t wait to make that a larger focus over this next year. So many exciting things have been happening with it, but this introvert is still having issues booking parties. I’ve been having an awesome time with vending events though and I’ve been loving that!

wpid-IMG_20131203_074629.jpgTrubba has been growing like a weed. Firmly in 3T’s and we’ve given up the beloved “pacie.” (First morning’s reaction on the left.) He’s been sprouting out whole sentences (Mommy, where’s my shovel?) like crazy. He’s definitely becoming articulate and blossoming into a child. He blows me away everyday, but still manages to sneak the toddler in on occasion. Terrible twos are definitely in da’ house!!

More on all this later. Just wanted to let you all know that we’re alive, we’ve survived and now onto…well, who knows? For the first time in a few years I don’t have a concrete goal. Seems kinda weird!


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