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Surface Update

I think it’s time that I write a little update on my tablet. Overall, I love the thing. It’s convenient, it handles files well, and it has everything I need to handle inventory and such for “the biz.” However, there are some very annoying hangups that I hate.

You HAVE TO USE EXPLORER as a web browser is perhaps my largest gripe by far. To me, Explorer is a sub-par, slow and the most insufficient browser out there to date. They did this due to their built in virus software in Windows 8, but entities before were sued due to limiting users to certain software so I’m sure it will happen here again. I mean, it’s Explorer. It stinks!! If I have to do any photo editing or collage making on sites such as Pixlr I just save myself the frustration and use the desktop with Firefox. (As I was writing this entry, I went to add a link and Explorer glitched and deleted the whole post. Thanks Explorer!)

The touch keypad: Oi. You have to have heavy fingers in order to use this thing efficiently. I type 80 WPM and am constantly using the backspace key because I didn’t press a “key” hard enough (often the space bar) and the entry wasn’t entered. Thankfully, that can be remedied with another keyboard, but also at the tune of $120 more dollars. *sigh* At least we purchased the Surface when the keyboard came free with it as part of promotion and it’s useable, just not comfortable for me.

The pros are many more than the cons. Windows 8 is user friendly for my toddler and there are several free apps (although not as many as I’d like, but expanding everyday) for him to use. We created him his own profile so he doesn’t rearrange our home screens anymore and gave him a rather cartoon-y background. I’m a firm believer it’s helped him learn his alphabet and colors along with encouragement from us — and Sesame St.

Windows 8, for my husband and myself, brought a steep learning curve. We started with computers on Apple IIs though, so learning new things isn’t anything we’re not used to. My husband loves Xbox Glass which means he can use it to control the Xbox. I love being able to access Netflix on it (yes, I know I could do this with any laptop but shuddup :P) as well as its portability and battery life. Our last laptop was 6 years old and we’d replaced the battery once, but it still killed it within 3 hours. I could literally use the Surface all day and not have to worry about a recharge. Oh, and hey! That USB port is pretty dang smexy if you ask me. Expandable memory on a flash drive. Woop-woop!

So, those are my unprofessional and everyday user thoughts. Hope you enjoyed it and it was at least helpful in some regard.


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