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H54F: Some PZ Stuff, New Toys and Stickers

As you can guess by the title:

1. I have two full weekends of having a table at my family’s pumpkin patch and I plan on making the best of it, which means: I need inventory — LOTS of it. I’ve been using my Pink Dollars (free product rewarded to me for meeting my first month of Quick Start sales) and any money I make on sales and reinvesting it back into inventory. I’m getting quite a nice stock pile, but given the amount of space it’s taking, I’m going to be happy to sell it too. A few of my customers were thrilled when I turned up that discontinued carton of Grapefruit Mandarin. 🙂 (Like my page on Facebook!! OR SHOP HERE!)

2. Whenever I receive gift cards, I stock pile them. I know this isn’t the full intent of a gift card giver, but I *may* slightly hoard them. This applies more to Trubba’s birthday and Christmas gifts more than anything. I finally saw an advertisement for this vTech Alphabet train in a Toys R Us flyer for 20% off, added a gift card and only $18 spent out the door. Not bad for a gift valued at $50! (Our sales tax is 8% — MORE reason to move to New Hampshire, right?) Trubba also had a blast playing with this Thomas set up at the store, of which I had to drag him away from kicking and screaming, but what can ya do?

wpid-IMG_20130919_083255.jpg3. We received a sticker sheet with a Highlights promotion. Grandma brought hers over for him too and we now have stickers everywhere. His daddy did the same thing when he was a kid — literally all the old toys they still have are covered in them.

wpid-IMG_20130919_172345.jpg4. The Emperor’s New Groove is finally on Netflix streaming! Can I get a Hallelujah?? How ’bout an aaaaamen? Seriously, this is one of my most favorite Disney movies, although Trubba remained unimpressed.

wpid-IMG_20130908_090823.jpg5. I finally caught up on my Financial Accounting homework. Good gravy. It’s even better because I’m gaining confidence in the process so I actually feel as if I’m “getting” the material. I originally tried this class online and ended up dropping because although I was getting an A I had no idea what I was really doing so I felt I was getting nothing from the class. Yes, I’m one of those people who feel I should actually learn and understand something to truly earn that grade. Call me a weirdo. Lol.

Have a great weekend all!!


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