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Santa Barbara Zoo

wpid-20130910_142118.jpgMy husband made a firearm purchase in Ventura, California and arranged to meet another guy to get a new transmission for his 1968 Firebird at the same location, so we decided to make a family day of it and have a bit of fun while we were there, but what? Well, we decided on taking him to another, smaller zoo than earlier this year since we’d only have a few hours to really spend there and then make the 3 hour (or so) trek home. Yes, folks, we ended up at the Santa Barbara Zoo and we had more fun than we did at the San Diego Safari Park — something I didn’t expect.

The park was the perfect size for a toddler and had a huge play area where lots of kids could run around without it seeming too crowded. Trubba loved climbing in and out of the sandbox they had there that doubled as a root system under a bridge there. There was a spider web net, a maze garden and a large mounded hill that people had brought in cardboard so the kids could “sled down” the side of it. SUPER cute. And of course, there were large eggs children could climb in and out of, because why not right? Truly awesome!

wpid-20130910_142222.jpgAnd of course, there were the animals!! Unlike the other zoos I’ve been to, these actually seemed to be thriving rather than just lazing around. It was a truly awesome experience and we didn’t even do any of the extra stuff they had available (giraffe feeding, ride the train, etc). We absolutely loved how close we could get to the giraffes without being, y’know, in their actual enclosure. We’ll be back Santa Barbara, that’s for sure! 🙂


And of course, there were elephants!


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