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H54F…Er Something…..

My allergies are on full alert at the moment and I’m thinking it was the dreaded German Thistle (aka “tumbleweed”) that’s done me in. I’m horribly allergic to those awful things and when we lived in an area of the desert where they were more prominent I couldn’t wait to dig them up and burn them!! It was the best type of revenge while I sneezed, sniffled, and suffered hearing impairment from all the sinus pressure. Oi! So, this is High Five For Friday….er something….

wpid-IMG_20130825_105237.jpg1) We went to a car show where our friend had entered his car last Saturday. We met a few other friends and their son loved leading Trubba around looking at the cars and then rushing him to one end of the parking lot when the trains would pass by on the nearby track. Our lil’ man loves Thomas the Train and he loved to see actual trains at a safe distance, of course. I was actually happy that the noise didn’t seem to bother him at all — train OR car.



2) These jars….I can’t get enough!







3) When my husband took Trubba to a classic car show in his 1968 Firebird, we found out that Trubba didn’t like the wind blowing in his hair. This beanie was Grand Paw-paw’s solution and now he insists on wearing it everywhere.




4) I started my last semester of community college this week. This was a picture of me trying to do my accounting homework. It turns out that I really like the class so far and I’m hoping that continues throughout the semester. It’s a great career and something I could do to support the family so my husband could pursue his dreams.


5) We were able to put a tiny bit extra onto our car payment this month AND put another $45 extra dollars back into our savings account. I’m still working at paying ourselves back from the car repair disaster of 2013. One day we’ll make it. I just want the car note GONE from our ledgers and we’re almost under 7K!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thank-you for reading. See you all next week. 🙂


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