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Firefly Lane

Finally made my way through another book. Read about it here! 🙂

Ye Olde Bookshelf

indexThis book is one I could not set down. My sister-in-law loaned it to me and I flew through the pages in 3 days. That is no small feat with a 21 month old at 479 pages long!

Kristin Hannah centers the book upon two girls, Kate and Tully, and their friendship through the many decades starting in the 70s. Tully is a highly motivated and stubborn individual while Kate is more laid back, a romantic and maternal. In fact, it’s almost as if Kate is the steady drum and Tully is the dancer.

Kate has a more stable background — two parents and a brother — while Tully has the more turbulent one — completely absent father, a mother that’s in and out of her life, and a grandmother that raises her from an infant and tries to protect her. When her grandmother passes, Kate’s mother offers to foster…

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