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Abraham Lincoln

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

I’m trying to get this blog back on track…again. Oi. See what happens when you get busy doing a whole lot of nothing?

I’ve been struggling with creating my own happiness for a couple weeks. Generally I’m pretty good at it, but given the couple of bad days I’d had this past week and the issues we’ve had with our health insurance not wanting to pay my medical claims, my husband’s debit and credit card numbers were somehow used fraudulently — well, there’s just so much a girl can take. (It must really be in the air too, because I have so many friends going through similar sh*t storms it’s not even funny.) Truly some days it’s really hard to see through the bad news fog and not feel like the bad news bear.

However, I do agree with the likes of Shay Carl — he’s a vlogger on YouTube, Google it — wherein you have to choose to be happy. I spent 12 years at a job that made me miserable and then getting to stay home with Trubba has been a huge gift so I’ve truly, earnestly, and dedicatedly  (that’s not a word, but you see where I’m going here) been trying to choose to concentrate on the happy parts and not so much the negative.

I’m the little engine that can! I think I can. I think I can. I THINK I CAN!


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