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Bad Couple Of Days

Maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 and my brain is just completely distracted or going a different direction than the rest of my body, but good grief. I feel like I’ve been a square trying to fit in a round hole the last few days along with screwing up just about everything.

*At the gas station, I was beginning to pull out and suddenly my dash lights and alerts start alarming. I forgot to turn off the e-break.
*On the freeway I noticed an accident in the two left lanes, so I merged over to the right and as I’m driving these other idiots hit each other because they’re too busy trying to get ahead of everyone else. True, this didn’t involve me, but they made driving horrible for the rest of us.
*As I passed the last exit for 3 miles, my low tire pressure light comes on. I reduce speed and since I noticed no “wobbling” so I said a silent prayer for no flat tires, I continued and exited at the next exit and found a gas station. ALL OF MY TIRES were at least 5 pounds low. What the heck?? 20 minutes pass as I struggle with the gas station air compressor – those things are always awful to manage.

*Navigate my way back to the freeway, but not before taking a wrong turn and making a u-turn.
*Pass my friend’s driveway when I arrive at my destination, have to make a u-turn.
*Plan to meet my sister-in-law at the place we get Trubba’s hair cut (he was an absolute angel yesterday with all this going on, by the way) and my GPS gets me completely lost. Had to make 2 more u-turns and make a phone call before I got myself where we needed to go.
*Quoted 40 minutes to wait for a hair cut for Trubba, wait 80. I would have left had I’d known it was going to be that long, but beings that it’s a 40 minute drive for us (we have no children-centered hair cut places in our city) we waited. And waited. Trubba is a train lover, so he played and played with their play set and even held a train while he got his hair cut.

*On the way back to the freeway, I missed our on ramp. Another u-turn.
*Uneventful drive home, thank GOD!!
*Walk in our door to see the foam that covers the gap above our window mounted swamp cooler had come loose leaving our home wide open to the heat outside, fixed it, it came loose again. At that point, I crawled back into bed and waited the 20 minutes for my husband to come home. The universe had beat me down and I admitted defeat.

*After unloading all the groceries out of the car, I went to take out the trash through the garage didn’t look and pressed the button. The hatch on my Edge was still up and, well, garage door met hatch and won. I’m now sporting a dent on my hatch. I’ve told my husband he should lock me away the rest of the week and he’s declined statement.

It’s just been a series of small things that are just stacking up and making me miserable. *Sigh* A friend of mine is hosting a Pink Zebra party tomorrow and I’m her consultant. I do so hope this funk of mine wears off by then because I want her to do well in rewards! Oi!! (My Mystery Hostess event is still on here if you’d like to make an order.)

Ever have one of those days….or a series of days? I’d love to hear about them! Until tomorrow everyone.


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