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Mystery Hostess Party

Fall Banner

Yes, I know. Time for another Pink Zebra post, but this is to give you the opportunity to join in on a parrrrtayyyy!! Who doesn’t like to party especially if you have a chance to win THE prize? 😀 (If you haven’t already, feel free to like my business page on Facebook.)

**How it works**
Purchase $25 in merchandise and be entered to win any host awards from this event. This may include the much sought after “Haunted House Shade” that only hosts of parties that reach $400 or more become eligible for during the month of August/September. If you share this event with friends and family, it keeps the party (and the rewards) growing with every order!

If the party grows above $400, the Mystery Host could be eligible to purchase the Haunted House Shade which is only available to hosts during the month of August and September!

You MUST use this link in order for your order to count:

I’ll send a message to the winner AND post it here (on the Facebook event) 9 p.m. August 25, 2013. If there’s no response within 24 hours, a second winner will be announced 9 p.m. August 26. Have fun browsing through the new catalog. There is some AMAZING stuff in there. 🙂

Hope you choose to join us. Pink Zebra has been an amazing adventure so far and I hope to keep the ball rolling!!

Until next week!!

If you’re interested in becoming a consultant for Pink Zebra, feel free to contact me. I’d love to talk to you!!


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