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imageWe’ve been a tad bit busy the past few days and I took today as a “down” day. Haven’t really done anything of any remarkable accomplishment today either. Win some, lose some I guess.

Yesterday, my husband started up his Firebird for the first time in 2 years. We were shocked it ran so evenly after such a short time. My husband also rocked my socks by getting the weeds done along our fence line and even washing, waxing and changing the breaks/rosters on his own car. It’s nice to see him putting interest into something again.

imageTrubba is finding that mommy’s order delivery days are an awesome time to catch a nap. Thankfully, my customers are great about coming to the car or understand why I run to the door, hand off their stuff and run right back. I simply cannot turn off the A/C in this heat. No, no, no.





I introduced Trubba to sidewalk chalk Tuesday. I text my husband proclaiming the activity as the most “stress free activity” I’d had him do in forever, but that was before he decided that our sliding glass door was also an excellent surface to use chalk on. Apparently one coloring activity is going to be like the other and any surface is fair game to be splashed in color.



The Surface has become an awesome teaching tool. We finally decided to create him his own account so he could stop rearranging Daddy’s tiles. He loves playing alphabet and shape games on it and the thing is proving to be super durable. It’s amazing.





And last, but not least, one of my old coworkers that lives down the street from us had a whole collection of Dr. Seuss books she was getting rid of for FREE and posted it on Facebook. Finally, all my endless hours on that social site paid off! 😉 She even threw in some Clifford books too. Trubba asked for a book before we even left her driveway and he’s been flipping through them ever since. He’s making me aware he needs an actual reading nook as opposed to this large bear arrangement. Lo,.

That’s about all that’s been happening in our little house. Life is good and busy (and yes I’m still battling my school, but I have more time than they do I guess).


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