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This Is The Game I’ve Been Playing

In addition to dealing with a cranky teething toddler that doesn’t want to sleep, I’ve also been dealing with Financial Aid at my Community College and our Health Insurance. This is the letter that resulted from the “games” my College has been playing with me:

To whom it may concern:

I received an email early in August about having to submit information to FAFSA (a Student Information Form and a V1-I) of which I quickly completed, submitted a request to the IRS for paperwork requested as well as attained photo copies of our W-2 forms for the 2012 year. I went to VVC to turn said forms in on August 7, 2013 and was told I need to fill out a Student Petition form 2013-2014 and my FAFSA information that was requested was denied to be submitted until I completed this Petition.

I completed the slide show and acquired my Petition form on August 9, 2013 and in doing so was informed from the said slide show that I didn’t have to petition after all for the following reasons:

      • I only receive the Board of Governor’s Fee Waver. Multiple times throughout the slideshow it is mentioned that “The Petition” does not apply to BOGG only recipients.
      • Course completion rate must be held at 67%. Out of 93 attempted units, I’ve completed 89, 3 of which I re-attempted and passed so dismissing those additional 3 units brings my completion rate up to 98%.
      • FAFSA recipients must hold a GPA of at least 2.0: My GPA holds at 3.533 and I am a Phi Theta Kappa member in good standing.
      • This semester I will complete 2 degrees: An AS-T in Administration of Justice and an AS in Business. These two degrees are in addition to the Paralegal Certificate, Microsoft Word Certificate and Microsoft Excel Certificate I completed in December of 2010. I will have 95 completed units and while I apologize for going over 90 units, I believe I accomplished quite a bit in my time at ______ ______ Community College and that it was 95 units well spent.

I will also include a copy of my ed plan as well as an unofficial copy of my transcripts as requested by “The Petition”  with this letter. Have a wonderful day!

I’m not sure if I’m going to receive accolades or a stern lecture, but either way they’re not going to accept the paperwork they requested without this “Petition” being completed.

Might I add that during my time at the FAFSA windows, I witnessed another worker leave a student standing at her window while s/he closed the window in his face after directing him to return after he’d completed additional paperwork. Rude.


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