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Besides Teething

wpid-IMG_20130805_092540.jpgThis seems to be the teething nightmare that doesn’t want to end, so I’m writing this entry in part to remind myself that it hasn’t all been bad this week.

The herb garden I’ve been keeping in my kitchen has been very busy growing. This was an initial attempt at lowering our produce cost a little bit and seems to be working out rather well. Any week I don’t have to spend another few cents or dollars on herbs is a good one, but it’s becoming obvious that I may want to invest in an actual planting box. My kitchen definitely smells amazing all the time now.

Before Trubba was afflicted by evil incisors busting through his gums, he actually took a rather fond liking to this huge teddy bear that’s 52 inches tall. If you shop at Costco you’ve most likely seen them almost all year. I heard him struggling with something one morning only to find this image at the end of the hallway:

wpid-IMG_20130802_090127.jpgHe had somehow managed to get it through his doorway and almost down the whole hallway before getting too fatigued to do it anymore. It was one of the most humorous things I’ve seen in quite awhile. 🙂


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