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imageYou know you’re a mom when you know something isn’t right with your kid before the issue even starts.

When Trubba woke up from his nap after only an hour (while I was in the shower might I add) I could tell there was a difference in his cry. Then it was the way he was crying “mommy.” That breaks your heart sort of cry. So, I brought him into our bedroom so I could find something more to wear than a towel and layed him in our bed where he cuddled with his large Ikea dog while I finished getting dressed. We’ve since spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch and watching this fever rise. It’s still really slight, but his palms feel like they’re on fire as he has his hand on my arm. I’m blogging from my phone with my left hand while he plays shape and alphabet games on the Surface. Left handed blogging is a challenge!

Poor baby. Hope this isn’t going to be anything serious. 😦


Started this post yesterday and forgot to schedule it to post Tuesday morning so this will be Wednesday morning’s post instead. Sorry, everyone.

An update on today: We determined it’s a horrible case of teething placing all of us on a sleepy edge. Trubba’s nap today was only 45 minutes and I was happy Daddy was off at 2 today rather than 5 so I could finally get a chance to shower. Lots of cuddles, ibuprophen and Humphrey’s Teething Tablets. (Which they don’t sell anywhere anymore!! Anyone know what the heck happened? I loved them because they’re Belladonna free!) I’m hoping tonight (Wednesday) is better than the last two nights were. Fingers are crossed!!


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