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Five Minutes Is Not A Nap

Wha Happen
Uhhh, wha’ happen here??

I’m sure every parent has experienced this scenario: Child falls asleep in the car five minutes from the driveway because it’s nearing their nap time. You remove them from their car seat, carry them to their crib, lie them down, then proceed as normal only to have your child insist he’s not tired anymore.

Five minutes is not a nap, but try convincing your child of that.

That’s precisely what I’m doing right now. I’m blogging while waiting for Trubba to fall asleep in his room. I’d really love to shower, start figuring out the question of the day (What’s for dinner?), write out a meal plan and grocery list for tomorrow morning and figure out precisely what I’d like to order Monday from Pink Zebra along with my Fall catalogs, but ALL of that requires concentration I can’t really provide while having to intervene with no-nap toddler in the other room off and on.

*CRACK!* (Sound of pacifier falling on our wood laminate flooring in the Nursery.) “Mooommmmmiiieeee, Paaaaacie!!

What was I doing again??


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