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What?? If you’re thinking: “Holy crap, did this family actually go and DO something?” you’d be correct. After being on a budget starvation diet for a bit, we actually were able to afford to go and do something as a family. The whole trip originated out of it being cheaper for my father-in-law to fly out of Vegas to visit family in New Hampshire than one of our local airports. Vegas is only a two and a half hour drive for us, so it’s not terrible and we decided to drive in on Sunday night and stay over night at South Point and then pick up “Gran-paw-paw” at 4:30 p.m. the following afternoon.

Sunday afternoon was a blur. We checked in at around 3:30 p.m. after a three hour drive – yeah, freeway drivers were choosing to slow down to 30 mph right before the long uphill grades so it was a looooong, slow drive – and then we let Trubba run about the room, jump on the beds (you HAVE to do that, ya know?) and then went and grabbed some dinner downstairs in their buffet. I’m going to put a little plug in here for South Point (no, I’m not getting paid): if you get their club card, the discounts at their restaurants are WELL worth it! Best of all their club card is also FREE.

After royally stuffing ourselves, we ran back up to our room to change into swim suits and went to check out the pool. We “Desert Rats” love bodies of water and this particular hotel has a wading pool! Heaven on earth for those of us with small children. Trubba had a blast splashing in the water without threat of suddenly going under water and ALL of the kids were well behaved and actually were willing to interact with him on his level. It was awesome. The center of the wading pool stepped down into 3 feet so I took him out there so he could splash in the fountain in the middle. Then, it was time for a little t.v. and bed.

Sadly, I got NO pictures on Sunday. NONE. I made up for it on Monday though. 🙂

We woke up with some giraffe cuddles and Super Why:
wpid-20130729_073717.jpgAnd then made our way down to the buffet again for breakfast. I’m not sure if Trubba was just overly tired or if he was just having a bad day, but breakfast was full of thrown food and not wanting to eat. Momma packed snacks, thank goodness, or he would have probably starved all day. After that, we Googled “What do do with a 2 year old in Vegas” back up in our room. Lol. We came up with the Mandalay Bay Shark Aquarium which I had actually been to before, but my husband and Trubba had not. Aside from being overly tired, Trubba seemed to enjoy himself:

Then we drove over to Bass Pro Shops at the Silverton. We actually like the one in Rancho Coucamonga better, but my husband had happened to bring his gift card he received for his birthday and the taxidermy is far more interesting at the Vegas one. There’s seriously this HUGE giraffe that towers over the whole bottom floor. Anyhoo – more fish and a flirtation with a 4 wheeler.

And then we went and drove laps at the airport to pick up Grandpa and then it was a bee line for home. Hubby had to be up for work Tuesday morning so there was no more fun times to be had on this vacation, so until next time Nevada!!


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