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The Great Convergence

Alas, no original blog today. Instead you get a reblog of a new review over on my much neglected “Ye Olde Bookshelf.” Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Ye Olde Bookshelf

Oh, Joseph. Why do you do this to me? Just when I think this series is losing focus, I get reined back into it and you leave me wanting more. *shakes fist*

Anyhoo, you may or may not remember my review of the The Book of Deacon — it’s been awhile, I know. Shameful. The Great Convergence is the second novel in this trilogy focusing on the same characters and quest although, as with all great fantasy novels, there are side quests that have to be completed along the way that keep things moving a bit. If you don’t read that above review, not a whole lot of this one is going to make sense.

Once again Myranda takes center stage for much of the book along with Lain. Other major characters come into play as well, including Ether (an elemental being) and Ivy (another malthrope, although with a quite…

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